Power Yoga SWEAT with Rob


About this video

Dragons are confident, powerful, graceful and the inspiration for this power yoga video with Rob in beautiful St John, Virgin Islands. To add the abs workout, pause the video at 37:30 and open a new window to go to the Yoga Abs video at http://youtu.be/GqwgRUbesjg and then return to finish with some closing postures, or just click the link in the abs video to return at that point. This is a great sequence for building full body strength and endurance, but also for working through inner demons or whatever is holding you back emotionally that you need to tap into your power, your inner dragon, to overcome. Take flight, little dragons! (You may notice the last part of this video is dubbed; the landscapers at the villa next door didn't realize it was peaceful yoga video time and the background sounds of birds, the sea and the ocean breeze became a drone of power tools. I did my best to compensate. - Rob)

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