Yoga Cardio HIIT with Lesley Fightmaster

yoga cardio

About this video

Yoga Cardio HIIT with Lesley Fightmaster is a High Intensity Interval Training class designed to increase your heart rate and burn calories. This class was suggested by priyanka lingwal, and Joylovebliss. As always, please rest when you need to and push the pause button. This class begins with a moderate warm-up then moves to high intensity for a few minutes then back to moderate, then high intensity, and then a moderate cool-down. I hope you enjoy it! If there is class you would like to see, please comment below. As always thank you so much for subscribing, sharing and donating. I love to read your comments and try to answer all of them. My next yoga retreat is a women's retreat off the coast of Cancun February 19-25 2015. Please email me for more info: [email protected] xoxoxo, Lesley :-) Please subscribe! Please donate: Filmed at Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Google + :

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